Alternative to Medication, Movement, and Proprioceptive Input

“IT FEELS GOOD,” and When We Feel Better, We Function Better — and That’s What We See with The OTvest!

The OTvest is a simple, non-invasive, alternative holistic intervention that can do so much!

20160615 Josh GorslineWhen using the OTvest™, denim weighted vest to address problems with inattention, anxiety, restlessness or agitation, medication may still be necessary when recommended by a physician, but often at a lesser dose than would otherwise be needed. When medication is prescribed and doesn’t seem to be totally addressing the distractibility or lack of focus to task, trying a OTvest, weighted vest as a non-invasive addition to treatment is often a good start before increasing medication levels. Many physicians are recommending the OTvest to patients and appreciate the holistic treatment option.

Deep pressure is registered in the limbic system, hippocampus, and reticular activating system and may stimulate production of neurotransmitters to modulate arousal levels, similar to the effects of medications. The use of the OTvest applies this deep pressure in a non-invasive, easily applied, discreet manner.

Sleep deprivation in children can also be mistaken for ADHD. The OTvest can be used prior to bedtime for those who have trouble falling asleep, as the calming effect promotes better sleep. Some wearers find that they no longer need medication previously prescribed for insomnia when they wear the OTvest for about an hour prior to going to bed.

Providing the opportunity to participate in movement activities is also important when increasing attention-to ask or decreasing restlessness, anxiety or agitation is a desired goal.  Recess, jumping on a mini trampoline, wall or chair push ups, “heavy work” like carrying groceries or playing games with weighted balls, rocking chairs, or movement “wiggle” cushions on a chair provide movement opportunity so that inattention, anxiety, restlessness and agitation can be reduced. The OTvest is not to stop an individual from moving– as activity is fundamental to the nervous system–but to help provide improved attention-to-task by producing a calming, settling effect through the use of effectively placed weights for deep pressure.  The proprioceptive input provided by the OTvest, weighted vest is calming, as is the proprioceptive input gained  through activities such as ” heavy” work (carrying heavy items, pushing, lifting, jumping, swinging, jumping on mini trampolines, wall or chair push-ups) which should be a part of an intervention program in addition to use of the OTvest.