About the On-Task Weighted Vest

The OTvest – Because WHERE the weight is placed MATTERS!

The OTvest™ is a stylish, durable, denim weighted vest providing deep pressure therapy that calms, increases attention and focus, and helps reduce anxiety. The weight placement also provides trunk stability for those with balance and coordination difficulties and helps reduce tremors.  The OTvest™ conceals a unique, highly effective patented weight insert constructed of flat, evenly distributed weights quilted into an extremely durable weight insert . Designed and Patented by an Occupational Therapist, the OTvest requires less weight than other weighted vests because of the patented design of efficient weight distribution, use of dense weight material, using physics effectively by pressing down upon the wearer, and deep pressure therapy applied directly upon the body of the wearer. The OTvest has been recommended by occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians and other professionals for therapeutic use since 2002–with over 20,000 in use.

The OTvest ™ features:

  • A patented, stylish design of highly efficient and effective weight placement
  • A patented weight insert requiring less weight than any other weighted vest
  • A consolidated, one-piece weight unit – eliminating weight packet clutter
  • Applies deep, calming pressure for improving focus and function
  • Vest weight is calibrated to 5% of wearers body weight – eliminating the guesswork.
  • Helps increase trunk stability for improved balance and coordination, tremor reduction
  • Provides evenly distributed pressure across the upper chest and upper back
  • High quality and durable, lasting many, many years of daily use
  • A design by an occupational therapist with 35 years of experience
  • Ideal for daily activity, as it does not impair movement or activities
  • Brass snap closure for easy on and off
  • Machine washable vest with removable weight unit that wipes clean
  • Weights are individually quilted in – so they don’t fall out, get lost, or played with
  • Calibrated weight, calculated for each vest size
  • Weights are secured in position so they don’t move around on the body like neck wraps
  • Weights don’t lie on the chair when seated (as in bottom weighted garments)
  • Appropriate for all ages and seasons
  • Lead and latex free

Hidden weight insert
Patented concealed weight insert with
weight evenly distributed front and back
shown left.

Thinkstocktherapyhandswebsize-94302998Look for the yellow and red “OTvest” label on the chest pocket to make sure you are getting the genuine OTvest. Others may look like the OTvest from the outside, but the OTvest weight placement is important. Only the OTvest has the patented weighted insert with the weight lying directly upon the body. This weight placement makes the difference!

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