Kimberly Gorsline

“My son started second grade crying everyday. He had seen a Pediatrician, a Medical Social Worker, a Psychologist and the school counselor. He was also seeing a therapist every other week. No one could help him. No one could tell me what was wrong and how to make the school day easier for my son. Then, on my own, I decided to meet with the most amazing Occupational Therapist. After four and a half months of my son crying everyday and getting phone calls from his teacher telling me she just doesn’t know what to do for him but that he can’t come to school crying everyday, we received an OT Vest. The change we have seen in the few short weeks we have had the OT Vest is just astounding. He no longer cries in school. Bedtime is awesome now. I am thankful to have such an amazing tool. I felt pressured by all the doctors to put my son on medication. I am happy to say he will not be put on medication as the OT Vest does the trick”.

Kimberly Gorsline , sensory processing disorder, January 25, 2016