Mailing Payment for an OTvest

PURCHASE ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED and can be emailed to or faxed to 269-324-2012.

If you are mailing payment, include the order form–(or this information on your own sheet of paper) indicating the size and quantity you want to order (or mark information at the bottom of this payment form), with a check made to OTvest, LLC including shipping (10% for USA, 35% for Canada) 6% tax in Michigan, and send to :

OTvest, LLC
4646 Wishing Well Ct.
Portage, MI 49024

Name: _______________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
City: ___________________ State: _______ Zip: ____________________
Phone: __________________________Email: ______________________

Institutions / Schools:
Include Tax exempt number with Purchase Order Number

Quantity: ______ Size(s): _____________________________________

Total Price: _______________

Tax 6% if in Michigan: __________________
10% Shipping USA: _____________________
35% Shipping Canada: __________________
45% International shipping other than Canada__________________

Total Enclosed: __________________________

Look for the yellow “OTvest” label on the chest pocket to make sure you are getting the genuine OTvest. Others may look like the OTvest from the outside, but the weight placement is important. Only the OTvest has the patented weighted insert with weight lying directly upon the body. This makes the difference!